Chainsaw Man Chapter 127: Denji Rescues Asa Mitaka

The chainsaw-themed anime series is also home to an array of villains, many of which are strong and powerful enough to challenge the Chainsaw Man himself. These include the Bat Devil, Cockroach Devil, Gun Devil and more.

Jenny Tapia
April 18, 2023 3:21 PM

When Tatsuki Fujimoto's Chainsaw Man manga hit shelves in 2021, it exploded into a massive hit. It's still one of the top manga series in Japan and will likely see a huge spike in popularity when its anime debuts next month.

In Chapter 127, Denji rescues Asa after she's been turned into a weapon. But something else happens that could make her situation much worse.

The Bat Devil

Denji has been a Devil Hunter for the Yakuza since he was a child to clear his father's debt. However, he and Pochita are severely injured in a battle with a Zombie Devil that takes control of the yakuza.

To make matters worse, the yakuza turn on their own people and try to kill Denji. But he is saved by Pochita, who offers to fuse with Denji and become his heart.

This makes him a Hybrid and turns him into Chainsaw Man, the protagonist of the manga series. It also gives him new powers, like the ability to create fully functional chainsaws from his arms and legs.

The Devils that appear in Chainsaw Man are a manifestation of humanity's fears. Each one has its own unique abilities, some more powerful than others. Some of the most feared are the Darkness Devil and the Gun Devil.

The War Devil

After a student kills Bucky, the class' pet devil, the War Devil appears before high schooler Asa Mitaka. They form a contract in which Yoru will become a human-fiend hybrid in exchange for Asa killing Chainsaw Man.

Asa declines, but the War Devil takes over her body and makes her its host. This creates a strange situation where the War Devil’s consciousness is now in Asa’s head.

It also allows the War Devil to appear as a hallucination, causing her to become a monster in Asa’s mind. She later challenges Makima to a match, but she is defeated.

The Cockroach Devil

Chainsaw Man is a brutally violent manga with a raunchy, teen sex comedy tone. It's a mishmash of violence, horror, and dark humor that's sure to appeal to fans of Hellboy and The Evil Dead.

The series centers on Denji, a young orphan who works as a Devil Hunter in order to pay off his father's debt. The story is a blend of bloody action and some potent social commentary, and the manga has been praised for its storytelling and violence.

In this chapter, Denji rescues Asa from the Cockroach Devil's trap. Asa had been running from the Cockroach Devil after her fight with the Bat Devil, and she was caught off guard.

Denji fought the Cockroach Devil in crossfire and killed it, which saved Asa from being attacked. Afterward, she asked Yoru why she hated Chainsaw Man so much.

Denji Struggling

Denji is still struggling to reveal his true identity. From defending Chainsaw Man on live TV to purposely leaving his ID at the scene, he's trying every trick in the book to finally unveil his true self.

Asa isn't sure if it will work, but she agrees to meet with him anyway. She tries to start off by putting all of her reasons for why she doesn't like Chainsaw Man in front of him, but it seems to backfire as soon as she starts asking about why he isn't like other Devils.

She also says that she can't believe that he would kill people. She also points out how he is covered in blood and has no brain, which makes him look like a loser.

Denji tries to defend himself, but Asa isn't buying it. She keeps throwing her arguments in front of him, and he becomes frustrated that she doesn't believe what he's saying.

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