Chainsaw Man Chapter 124: Falling Devil, Asa Admits Her Fears

In Christianity and Islam, the Devil is regarded as a rebellious angel or demon who tempts people to sin. He is the lord of Hell and allegedly inspires heretics and infidels to do evil, causing untold destruction and pain in humankind.

Jenny Tapia
March 28, 2023 12:50 PM

The Chainsaw Man manga is becoming more and more popular among manga enthusiasts. With its dark and gruesome themes and characters, it's no wonder people are always hype for the new chapter.

But despite its abnormal subject matter and in your face character design, this manga also offers great depth and character development. Its characters are incredibly unique and memorable, each one of them dealing with death in their own way.

What is the Falling Devil?

The Devil is a supernatural entity that is the personification of evil and the enemy of God and humankind. It is a figure in myths and religions across the world.

The devil is often portrayed as an incarnation of evil, with the power to tempt and influence humans on earth. It is also believed to command a force of lesser evil spirits known as demons.

The devil is also a prominent element in many popular culture stories and films, including Lucifer, Supernatural, Constantine, The Exorcist, Good Omens, Dracula, Midnight Texas, and Preacher. This program explores the history of the devil from its origins to modern day, and examines the ways that it has been used to manipulate human perceptions over the centuries.

What is Asa afraid of?

Asa's most recent venture into the interdimensional medical trade was a bit of a mixed bag. She found her most interesting patients were the ones who had a knack for self-reflection and pragmatism. She also had a few kookies who were prone to making decisions on the fly. While Asa might have had a few hiccups in the beginning, she did manage to keep her head and her wallet above water. Eventually, she was able to establish herself as one of the premier practitioners in her field.

She also managed to find a way to harness her abilities in the form of a highly visible and unobtrusive suit. This has proven to be a boon for Asa and her colleagues, with she being able to work in tandem with them rather than against them. Asa is a good friend to Berhane and their sister, Sarnah, who have become an invaluable part of the team over the years.

Will Asa be able to defeat the Falling Devil?

The Spade Kingdom Raid arc is wrapping up and Black Clover has finally shared the name of the Falling Devil that's popping up alongside Lucifero. The new devil may not be as strong as the Supreme Devil, but it's still a formidable opponent that should keep the protagonists busy for awhile.

Whether Asa will be able to defeat the Falling Devil remains to be seen, but if Yoru is in control of her body and can speak to her telepathically, she may be able to tell Asa how it works, which could be beneficial for the blond heroine.

Asa admits that she is afraid of the Falling Devil and tries to think of ways to avoid it, but this causes her to be distracted and upset. She also worries about Denji and how she might hurt him by telling him she used to hate Chainsaw Man.

Will Asa be able to rescue Yoru?

After seeing her only friend turn into a devil, Asa decides to rescue Yoru. This is a risky move, but she thinks that if she can save Yoru, she can save herself too.

Despite their fears, Asa and Yoru agree to go to the school that Yuko told them about. They aren’t sure if they will be accepted into the Devil Hunter Club, but they think they can lure Chainsaw Man in.

When they get to the school, they find their Uniform Sword in shambles. Then, they meet Haruka Iseumi, the president of the Devil Hunter Club.

The devil hunter club is enthralled by Asa’s power, and they welcome her into the group. They even give her a spear that they found in the aquarium.

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