Chainsaw Man Chapter 121 Teases an Appearance From the Death Devil

While Chainsaw Man has always been a series of bleak and dark stories, this new chapter could change all that. This chapter teases a new enemy who could be one of the most powerful devils ever seen in anime history.

Jenny Tapia
February 21, 2023 6:00 PM

The latest issue of Shueisha’s Chainsaw Man manga has revealed an appearance from a character that fans have been eagerly waiting to see: the Death Devil. The Death Devil is one of the four Horsemen that embodies death, and it feeds on people’s dread of death.

This new arc is set in an alternate universe where humans can make contracts with Devils via sacrifices, and Devil Hunters hunt and employ them. It follows the story of Denji, a young man working off his father’s debt to the yakuza who befriends and merges with Pochita, a Chainsaw Devil.

The Death Devil’s power level

The newest chapter of Chainsaw Man, 121, teases an appearance from the Death Devil. This is a character who embodies the primal fear of death and is part of the Four Horsemen.

This is a really interesting addition to the story, as this is a devil that feeds on people’s dread of death and is part of the Four Horsemen. It is also very strong, so if it appears in this episode then we might get to see an epic battle between the two.

Fujimoto has been very skilled at keeping the reader on their toes throughout this whole arc, as well as constantly surprising them with scenes that are jarring and unexpected. This was clearly done with the opening of this chapter, which shows that the story has a lot of action and is very bloody and violent.

Chainsaw Man is a manga series written and illustrated by Tatsuki Fujimoto. It first started serializing in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump manga magazine in December 2018.

The series follows Denji, who is trapped with a chainsaw dog demon named Pochita and can transform into the Chainsaw Man devil-hybrid by pulling a cord on his chest. He inherited his father’s debt, but has a dream of living a normal life with Pochita and repaying his debt.

As his debt is cleared, Denji becomes a Devil Hunter, working for a government team led by Makima. He is partnered with another fiend named Power, who is also a devil-hybrid. He is trained by veteran Devil Hunter Kishibe. He and his partner have a few missions together, but their relationship is not mutually beneficial.

The Death Devil’s name

Tatsuki Fujimoto’s manga Chainsaw Man chapter 121 teases an appearance from the Death Devil, the Horseman of the Apocalypse. Like the Gun Devil, this entity is powerful based on humanity’s fear of death.

The Horseman is capable of swallowing a devil’s conscious existence and erasing their existence from the world. It also has the ability to pull people closer and use its detached chains as a weapon against its enemies.

This is not the first time that a Death Devil has appeared in Chainsaw Man. Previously, Pochita, the Dog-like Chainsaw Devil that Denji is fused with, fought against the Four Horsemen in Hell, but managed to escape.

The Horseman was eventually defeated by Makima, but he still had the power to destroy the world. It’s possible that Hirofumi is after the Death Devil’s power, as he requested Asa’s presence and asked Denji if he could swallow the Horseman. It would be interesting to see how this story turns out.

The Death Devil’s weapon

Chainsaw Man chapter 121 teases an appearance from the Death Devil, one of the four horsemen that fans have been waiting for. The Death Devil is powerful because of the fear that mankind has for death.

This is a devil that has formed a contract with humans to use them as a host. This makes them much more powerful than other devils that make pacts with humans.

The weapon that the Death Devil uses in Chainsaw Man chapter 121 is the Death Sickle, an AF5 scythe that has a jagged blade on top. It also hurts, which is a unique feature that sets it apart from other weapons in the game.

The Death Devil’s weapon is a big deal for Chainsaw Man chapter 121, as it could help Asa and Yoru defeat Chainsaw Man. However, this weapon is also extremely dangerous, as it is able to kill the entire apartment building, including the residents themselves!


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