Boruto Manga to Go on a Hiatus After The Big Release Of Chapter 80

The story arc that is currently in progress has been dubbed the Prophecy Arc and Omnipotence Arc, and fans have been left stunned by some major twists. However, it appears that the story will be changing direction soon.

Austin Vincent
April 18, 2023 3:17 PM

Boruto manga fans were devastated after learning that the manga will be going on a hiatus for three months. The manga was in its prime in the latest chapters, and the news of a break is a huge disappointment.

Spoilers for Boruto Chapter 80

As Boruto manga enters its final chapter, fans are left in a state of excitement. This is a result of the incredible quality that Masashi Kishimoto has delivered in the last few chapters.

Among the highlights of this latest chapter are Sarada's Mangekyo Sharingan, and Naruto's sealing. Both are incredibly powerful moves that have fans enthralled.

After Team 10 gets on Boruto's back, Sarada unlocks her Mangekyo Sharingan. She then uses it to ask her father for help.

The story then moves to Kawaki and Eida. Both of them are under Eida's spell, and they both have their places switched.

Meanwhile, Shikamaru questions Eida if she believes that Boruto killed Naruto. When she says yes, Kawaki grabs her in a threatening manner.

As a result, Boruto is now on the run from Kawaki and everyone else. He is also under suspicion for killing Naruto.

Release Date for Boruto Chapter 81

As Boruto fans around the world wait for chapter 81 to release, they've been wondering how this storyline is going to end. After all, the recent manga chapter tipped Team 10 in an unexpected direction, reversing the entire storyline.

The latest leaks suggest that Boruto will be on a hiatus for the next three months, and this has left fans with a lot of questions. In particular, we wanted to know more about Sarada's new powers, as well as the situation that Kawaki and Code are in right now.

The episode does not do a great job of advancing the plot; instead, it's a pretty straightforward recuperation episode that only makes Boruto redouble his efforts to find Mitsuki. It's also a bit of a letdown when it comes to the way that Garaga's screed against friendship is presented.

The latest installment of the manga is filled with exciting action and new characters. We get to see more of the story with Dragon Ball Super's Granolah the Survivor Arc, and we also have Boruto tackling a brand-new battle that will be sure to have fans on their toes.

The new chapter also has Boruto fighting against Code, the last surviving member of Kara. It's a great match-up between two great ninja. However, it looks like this battle may be a little more complicated than they originally thought.

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