Boruto Chapter 81: Raw Scan, Spoilers, Release date and Countdown

Moreover, the last time fans saw Code, he was with Bug as they were creating an army of humanoid creatures to take down Kawaki and Boruto. Therefore, fans can expect that the antagonist will continue to grow more powerful in the next chapter.

Jenny Tapia
July 10, 2023 1:21 PM

The last few chapters have seen Boruto and his friends fighting various members of the Kara organization. They are still trying to find a way to save Naruto and Hinata from Kawaki. Sarada’s awakening of her Mangekyo Sharingan has helped them in this task.

The latest chapter also included a big twist that shook manga readers to the core. So, what does the future hold for Boruto?

Raw Scan

Typically, the raw scan and spoilers of Boruto chapter 81 come out about three to four days before the chapter is released. This gives fans a glimpse at what is coming in the upcoming chapter.

The spoilers suggest that a major timeskip is going to occur in the next chapter. Moreover, the characters are going to enhance their capabilities. The story is also likely to escalate in intensity.

It is possible that Sasuke Uchiha will agree with Sarada’s version of events and join her side. This will help her to fight against Code and Eida.

Besides that, the spoilers suggest that Konoha is going to have a new Hokage. The village cannot function without one, especially after the death of Naruto. It is possible that Shikamaru or Sakura Haruno will take over as the new Hokage. This will be a major blow for the current villagers. It will be interesting to see how they react to this.

Release Date

The recent chapter of Boruto ended on a huge cliffhanger. Fans have been speculating on the plot of the next chapter. It is expected to feature a time skip.

It is also possible that Sarada’s unexpected unlocking of the Mangekyo Sharingan will further strengthen her bond with Boruto. This could help her to uncover the truth behind Eida’s altered memories and manipulations.

As usual, raw scan and spoilers for the next chapter of Boruto will be leaked 3-4 days before its official release. Readers can read the manga on Viz Media’s website and Manga Plus app. The new chapter will be released on August 20th, 2023. The manga will then go on a three-month hiatus.


Last week’s Boruto chapter 80 was a gripping one. The episode saw tensions rise in the Leaf Village after the shocking revelation that Boruto supposedly killed Naruto. As Team 10 cornered him, Sasuke intervened in time and the stage was set for a confrontation between friends and foes. The unexpected unlocking of the Mangekyo Sharingan by Sarada convinced Sasuke to help save Boruto and fueled her determination to uncover the truth behind Eida’s manipulations.

Fans can expect a new development in this storyline in the next chapter. For instance, the duo might get involved in a fight with Code’s army outside the village and reveal their new abilities honed during training.

Another possibility is that the plot will delve deeper into the mysteries surrounding Eida’s altered memories and strained friendships. The protagonist’s unwavering determination to confront his brother may drive him to seek new allies and hone his skills further. Lastly, the relationship between Sarada and Boruto could further deepen as she continues to rely on him for guidance and support.


The climactic chapter of Boruto saw many of the main characters facing off in a battle that could decide the fate of the Leaf Village. In the end, 12-year-old Boruto's determination to uphold his family's legacy and the will of fire shone brighter than ever before. However, the looming presence of Code and his thirst for revenge continued to cast a dark shadow over the village.

As the chapter unfolded, Eida found herself in between the heroes and the villains. Through her Allure ability, she convinced the shinobi to do her bidding. On the other hand, Sarada's unexpected unlocking of her Mangekyo Sharingan allowed her to witness Sasuke and Boruto's conversation.

It is expected that the upcoming chapter will feature the training that the main characters underwent after the time-skip. However, the manga will likely skip over this part due to its monthly release schedule. Therefore, fans are eager to see how their favorite ninjas will evolve after four years of rigorous training.

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