Boruto Chapter 79 Spoilers and Raw Scans Revealed: Kawaki's Awakening, Boruto's Destiny

Boruto chapter 79 spoilers and raw scans have leaked online, revealing one of the most shocking twists in the series. Eida showcases her Godlike power to literally rewrite history, reversing the events of Boruto and Kawaki’s lives until that point.

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March 15, 2023 2:24 PM

Boruto chapter 79 spoilers and raw scans have leaked online, teasing an action-packed new installment. As the manga continues to build up towards the time skip, fans are pumped to see what Boruto chapter 79 has in store.

In this chapter, Konoha fortifies its defenses after an enormous calamity strikes them. Their Hokage was abducted along with his wife, and the man who brought this disaster on them has since disappeared.

Kawaki’s awakening

Boruto chapter 79 spoilers and raw scans indicate that Kawaki will be a major focus in this part of the series. The blond protagonist has been hiding his identity from the Konoha authorities, which could lead to his being declared a rogue shinobi.

In the first part of the chapter, Boruto and Sarada are searching for Kawaki in order to protect the village from a threat that has risen. While Kawaki is concealing his chakra, Mitsuya and Shikamaru also join them in their search.

Once Kawaki reaches Konoha, he runs into the Seventh Hokage and his supporters, thinking that they will harm him. However, he is stopped by Shikamaru who guarantees that no one will harm him in Konoha.

After this, Kawaki is taken to the hospital where he collapses. During his stay, he is monitored by Naruto and Katasuke, who note that Kawaki’s body has been significantly modified into a scientific ninja weapon.

Eida’s Godlike power

She uses her Senrigan to locate Kawaki, telling him she is on his side. But she soon finds him ranting about replacing Boruto and wanting to become an outsider in the group.

Eida demonstrates her Godlike powers, transforming Kawaki into “Kawaki Uzumaki,” Naruto’s true son born, raised, and trained in Konoha. The spell leaves Boruto the enemy of the Konoha who killed Naruto, while Mitsuki attacks Boruto immediately, although Sarada appears unaffected by the spell.

Boruto’s destiny

The leaked raw scans of Boruto chapter 79 have taken the internet by storm, revealing an unexpected twist that has sent fans into a frenzy. Eida’s Godlike power has dramatically changed the course of the story, leaving everyone questioning Boruto’s destiny.

The search operation for Kawaki begins, with Shikamaru deploying a team of Shinobi across the region. They struggle to locate him as he is constantly erasing his Chakra signature, but Eida manages to use her Senrigan to track him down.

As Eida catches up with Kawaki, she tells him that she is on his side and that she will fight for him. However, he soon turns on her and starts ranting about how he wants to replace Boruto and make him the group’s outsider.

Eida then uses her full power, using her Godlike power to change history and swap Boruto and Kawaki’s lives. Now, Boruto becomes the enemy of Konoha for killing Naruto, while Kawaki assumes the role of the true son of Naruto, born and raised in Konoha.

Time skips

In chapter 75, Boruto had a vision of the village in disarray after Naruto vanishes, which might indicate that a time skip will occur soon. Once the village is in turmoil, Team 7 may begin to increase their strength.

Kawaki, meanwhile, was seen in the vision with a snaky neck, suggesting that she will be attempting to break free from Boruto’s control. Sarada, Shikamaru, and Mitsuki are also spotted in the vision, suggesting that they will also be involved with the battle against Kawaki.

In the ensuing fight, Kawaki attacks Boruto with all his might. He even slashes out Boruto’s right eye. Sasuke arrives to help, but he can’t stop the attack. This is probably because Kawaki’s chakra signature has been erased, meaning he can’t be hurt by words.

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