Tips on Doing Market Survey

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If you are aware of how important Indonesia market survey is to do, then you will have the reason to read this article. Business competition is no stranger to the ears of businessmen. Every business must have their respective competitors. Even a new or innovative business or product will someday have a competitor. It has become a human instinct to see a more profitable and trendy business will definitely come to build the business. Based on it means we can not avoid the name of business competition. For the survey itself can be done by performing several stages as follows:

Define the problem

The purpose of this first phase we must formulate the problem, determine the objectives to be obtained from the research, knowing the background we do this research, what information is needed and how the information is used for decision making. At this stage, we have also planned interviews with industry experts, secondary data analysis (internet, newspapers, etc.) or conducting qualitative research activities (focus group).

Formulate a theoretical framework and development approach to problem-solving

At this stage a detailed formulation of the research objectives and theoretical framework, a model analysis will be conducted later in the study.

Determining the research design

At this stage described the planning to be done on research in accordance with the problems that have been determined. Detailed procedures or data collection in the field, how to test the hypothesis, and design the questionnaire.
Data collection

Once determined research design then we can do data collection. The data collected can be primary or secondary. For primers done personally, such as interviews, personal interviews or telephone and mail. As for the secondary data are data obtained from the internet, statistical agencies, libraries, magazines, newspapers and other reliable reference sources.

Data analysis

The results of data already obtained will be coded, transcript and verification. Then the data for questionnaire data or observation results will be edited and coded. After that, the transcript data will be entered into the computer or software statistics.

Reporting and presentation

After the analysis, then documented in the form of reports of research results with a regular systematic in accordance with the existing flow. The results obtained for the consideration of decision-making in the future. Therefore, once the results of the research have been obtained it will be presented to management so that management has a strong basis for making decisions.

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