The useful tips for your indoor AC placement

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Air Conditioner Unit (AC) is divided into two parts, namely indoor unit (indoor) and outdoor unit (outdoor). Therefore, the tips below are divided into 2 (indoor & outdoor). Let’s refer to the 5 tips on placement of AC is good and right below. In the meantime, perhaps you need to go to if you need a reliable AC repair expert near you.

Indoor Unit:

1. Try to install indoor unit between inner and outer house wall with outdoor unit to maximize the performance of Air Conditioner (AC).

2. Blowing wind generated by Air Conditioner (AC) should not be exposed to the body directly because it is harmful to health. Therefore, pay attention when installing the indoor unit.

3. When installation of the indoor unit, note also recommended optimal distance for the ceiling, rear left the right side, and floor to the indoor unit. The recommended distance is; a. indoor unit with ceiling = min. 15 cm; b. right side left and back = min. 15 cm; c. floor to indoor unit = min. 250 cm.

4. Important! Do not install the Indoor unit above and face to face with windows, doors, and also electronic objects that produce heat such as TV, home theater, stove, etc.

5. If you install more than one indoor air conditioning unit in one room, it is suggested that the direction of wind gusts should not be close together.

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