The simple creative painting tips for the wall of your house

Posted on July 23, 2018 by

The easiest way to paint is with constant vertical movement. Direct the roller in a fixed direction. For example, the movement is always up and down. Meanwhile, you may visit if you need to hire an excellent house painting service.

Avoid irregular movements. This results in damage to the texture of the paint itself.

Other than that,

There are so many creative techniques you can try. It is usually applied by professionals.

But there is no harm if you want to try it. Let’s look at one by one creative painting techniques.

Creative firing is usually used to give a motive on certain sides only.


Firing with sponge (sponge) technique is very easy. Everything is easy. Paint that is still wet pressed-tap with a sponge to form a certain texture.

When done correctly, this technique produces textures that adorn the walls.


Using fabrics to produce unique textures is well known to professionals.

It’s just that the application is somewhat more difficult than the sponge technique.

However, there is no harm to try.

Roll the cloth like a pancake roll. Then roll on the surface of the paint that is still wet.

Vary by pressing and pushing to get another pattern.

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