Keep Your Stocking Cleanliness

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How many times have you put on stocking before washing it? If used more than once, most likely the stocking is a nest of bacteria. Many women treat stockings like jeans, washed after being worn several times. Or when it looks dirty and smelly. According to experts, wearing it repeatedly brings with adverse consequences. Wash off immediately after use. Do not be afraid the stockings will be damaged because there are many ways that this soft inside is not broken even if washed repeatedly. Stocking is made from a mixture of synthetic materials such as spandex and nylon. These fabrics store warmth and moisture, the perfect environment for the growth of bacteria and fungi. Such things can make women suffer from yeast infections. Especially when they wear them without cotton underwear. But despite wearing underwear as a protector, heat and moisture stuck in the material can cause problems when a woman sweats, not only in the sex organs but also up on the legs. This case can be minimized by you cleaning your stockings, and getting the stocking that suits you especially best models that will make you comfortable when wearing stockings.

The problem of moisture was exacerbated by the fact that stocking is attached to the skin like yoga pants. It can also cause acne. “Sweat that exists in the body for some time causes excessive bacterial growth that exacerbates acne,” Dr. Carlos Charles, a dermatologist. This condition can occur also when wearing tight pants on hot days that cause the body to sweat. But the chances of having an infection or skin irritation increase when the tight pants or stockings are used repeatedly without washing when the bacteria multiply even more. Women should treat stockings, not like reusable jeans. Stockings should be treated like underwear and socks that must be washed immediately after use.

For women who are afraid of gentle stockings to be damaged because they are often worn, Jenny Altman has a tip for the pet stocking to be durable. The first trick, women should have some stock. There may be women who have some but prefer to wear the same thing. She advises women to buy the same kind of things so as not to be tempted to wear dirty ones. Jenny also recommends washing the label accordingly. Several types can be washed by machine, most of which must be hand washed. When stocking and inside should be washed machine gently, consider buying a lingerie bag. Round the machine will keep the internal and other soft clothes separated from another laundry so as not to be entangled by other gear. After washing, do not put in the dryer. Drying stockings by hanging.

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