Database Benefits For Companies

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The use of information systems is needed in improving productivity in a company with more competition, making the company think hard in running the business process. For that use a database system in the management of data. The use of a database within the company is one of the things that are mandatory to support the activities that exist within the company. A database is a collection of interconnected data and can be accessed easily. With the Database Management System (DBMS), companies can easily access and store data information. You can use automation tools to make your job easier.

In addition to access and store data of a company, the DBMS should be able to monitor what is happening to the operational activities so that it can take quick and precise steps in case of problems. For example, fast sales should be followed by rapid inventory management. The financial department also can quickly calculate the loss and profit to assist management in determining whether to increase production, buy raw materials and so forth. The first step of the company in creating a database is to standardize all existing data. Then determine what kind of DBMS application is appropriate to be used in helping the preparation and utilization of these data.

After utilizing the DBMS application, the next step is to manage the information. This is not an easy task, covering who can see and use, how to back up, how long to save, proper storage technology and more

Here are some advantages in using Database:

– Reduce redundancy, the same data on some apps are saved just once.
– Integrity, accurately stored data.
– Avoid inconsistencies, because redundancy is reduced, so update data becomes more efficient.
– The use of shared data, the same data can be accessed by multiple users at the same time.
– Regarding the uniformity of data presentation.
– Balancing needs can be determined priority of an operation, eg between update with retrieval.

For database security, a company must have someone who can control and manage the database or usually called the database administrator. An administrator who plays an important role in a database system, therefore the administrator must have the ability and knowledge enough to be able to set up a database system.

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